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Drugged tourist admits killing woman

India Kashmir British Woman Killed

Indian policemen carry a coffin containing the body of a female British tourist after conducting medical examination in Srinagar, India. Picture: Mukhtar Khan Source: AP

WHILE you were sleeping a tourist allegedly confessed to stabbing a British woman to death in India while high on drugs.

Richard De Wit, 43, told police he had murdered Sarah Groves on the New Beauty houseboat at Dal Lake in the Indian Kashmir city of Srinagar while he was under the influence of an unspecified drug. Mr De Wit was arrested as he tried to flee in a taxi, soon after the 24-year-old was found dead in a pool of blood in her cabin.

Dutch tourist held on suspicion of murder after the body of a British woman is found in Kashmir. Paul Chapman reports.

Looking to the rising tension in the Koreas, South Korea believes the North's next big move may come as soon as Wednesday, with fears Pyongyang will stage another missile test or find some other way to provoke Seoul, Washington and their allies. Meanwhile, Australians are being told they can travel to South Korea as per usual despite the threats being issued by Kim Jong-un and his government.

North Korea takes aim

This photo taken by North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency shows North Korean soldiers taking part in a shooting training towards targets with images of South Korean Defence Minister Kim Kwan-Jin (left) and a US soldier (back right), at an undisclosed location. Source: AFP

The world's premier Nazi-hunting organisation has given Australia an "F" in its report card, one-time Pakistani dictator Pervez Musharraf has been allowed to stand for election again, a topless protester says she has to get out of Tunisia before she is killed, China is promoting tourism to islands embroiled in a territorial dispute and a NATO air strike is said to have killed 11 Afghan children.

Afghanistan girl

An Afghan girl tries to peer through the holes of her burqa as she plays with other children in the old town of Kabul, Afghanistan. Picture: Anja Niedringhaus Source: AP

Fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer has died at the age of  81, a friend of the mother of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza believes the attack may have been revenge for bullying, the home in which a UK couple burned six of their children to death will be demolished and a 64-year-old US woman allegedly asked her grandson to kill his grandfather, after which they used his money for a shopping spree.

Lilly Pulitzer

FILE - In this March 16, 1965 file photo, Palm Beach the fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer, wears her own design and creation of the Lilly shift, in Palm Beach, Fla. Pulitzer, known for her tropical print dresses, dies in Florida at 81. (AP Photo/Robert H. Houston, File) Source: AP

A teen appointed as a youth crime commissioner has been found to be tweeting things like “I want to f****** cut everyone around me", pay phones are so dated that if you pick one up in NYC you can be connected to the year 1993, the world's greatest chef Ferran Adria wants to leave more than a soupcon of his genius for posterity, Singaporeans are being told to lift their standards after a spate of people peeing in elevators, IMF chief Christine Lagarde says the euro has a great future and the Germans are deeply embarrassed by the much-delayed opening of a new airport in Berlin – which has suffered problems like no one being sure how to turn off the lights there.

Youth Police and Crime Commissioner Paris Brown

Youth Police and Crime Commissioner Paris Brown appears before the media in Maidstone, Kent, apologising for the offensive tweets. Picture: AP/Gareth Fuller Source: AP

And you may have been asleep by the time the Gold Logie was announced but that went to Asher Keddie, while Molly Meldrum bestowed an unexpected F-bomb on the audience. Outside of the Australian television scene, camo-clad mourners have said goodbye at BUCKWILD star Shain Gandee's funeralKim Kardashian's baby bump was proudly displayed on Instagram and the Evil Dead staggered to the top of the US box office.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian posted this belly-exposing picture to Instagram with the caption "baby love". Source: Supplied

Wrapping up the weekend's sport events, the jockey who won Saturday's Grand National steeplechase was airlifted to hospital after a fall the following day, Chelsea rose to third in the English Premier League, Australian golfer Wade Ormsby won his first Asian Tour event, Mercedes says a repeat of their 2012 China GP success is far from assured,  Fabian Cancellara won the famed Paris-Roubaix cycling race, and where there's smoke, there's a Mario Balottelli controversy.

Fernando Torres

Chelsea's Fernando Torres carries the ball back after Sunderland scored an own goal during their English Premier league match. Picture: Alastair Grant Source: AP


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Unions challenge electoral donation laws

NSW unions are launching a High Court challenge to the state government's electoral donation laws, arguing they breach constitutional rights of freedom of political expression.

The laws, passed by the NSW parliament last year, ban all but individuals from donating to political parties.

Mark Lennon, secretary of Unions NSW, which is leading Monday's court action, says the laws hinder working people from expressing their political views.

"If they're allowed to stand, the O'Farrell government's electoral donation laws will muzzle debate and silence the voice of working people in NSW," he said.

"Our High Court action is about the right of working people to ensure their collective voice is heard."

He said the laws were a cynical attempt by the government to undermine the political strength of its opponents.

The laws ban unions from paying affiliation fees to political parties, combine caps on election spending for political parties and affiliated unions and ban peak councils such as Unions NSW from levying its affiliates to run movement-wide election campaigns.

The NSW Greens warn the court challenge could have the unintended consequence of returning the state to the days when millions of dollars flowed to political parties from vested corporate interests.

Greens MP John Kaye said the outcome could "reopen the floodgates to corporate donations and the corrupting influence they had on political parties".

"It would be unfortunate if the unions' case delivered a springboard for the developers and the alcohol, tobacco and gambling industries or other corporations to once again corrupt state politics," he said in a statement.

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N Korea executes four refugees - activist

NORTH Korea has publicly executed four refugees who were repatriated by China, a South Korean activist says.

China has repatriated 44 people in recent months, said Kim Heung-Kwang, who heads NK Intellectuals Solidarity, a Seoul-based defectors' group.

Four of them were executed and 40 sent to camps for political prisoners, he told a seminar.

South Korean rights groups say there are six political prison camps in the North holding around 200,000 detainees.

Kim said he had obtained his information from a source inside the North, but gave no details. The South's unification ministry, which is in charge of cross-border affairs, declined to comment.

Tens of thousands of North Koreans looking to escape hunger or repression in their communist homeland have fled in recent years. Virtually all cross the border to China, which repatriates those fugitives it catches.

Beijing says they are economic migrants rather than refugees, a policy criticised by international rights groups.

Last week 19 refugees were arrested in Thailand on charges of illegal entry.

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Keddie takes out Gold Logie

Asher Keddie

Asher Keddie celebrates after winning the Gold Logie for the most popular personality on Australian television. Picture: Jason Edwards Source: Herald Sun

ASHER Keddie, considered the most in-form actor in Australian TV, has trumped comedy stars Andy Lee and Hamish Blake to claim the coveted Gold Logie.

Keddie opened the market as an outsider at $11, but became an unbackable favourite at $1.30 in the lead-up to the ceremony at Crown Entertainment Complex.

Keddie scored a Logie double, also taking home the silver award for most popular actress ahead of a hot list of nominees including Rebecca Gibney and Julia Morris.

Keddie, a gold nominee three years running, had not expected to win.

Nominated for her brilliant work in Channel 10 drama Offspring, she has at times struggled with the notion of fame and recognition.

Asked how she felt about Logie voters acknowledging her work, she said: "It's such a surprise''.

``It's not lost on me just how fortunate I am to have such generous, supportive people around me, including the wonderful Offspring family.''

Her gold win follows a big 2012, in which Keddie edged out Packed to the Rafters stars Gibney and Jessica Marais for the most popular actress award following her scene-stealing efforts in Offspring and Paper Giants, in which she played Ita Buttrose.

Deborah Mailman

Deborah Mailman with her Logie for most outstanding actress.

She has shone in the role of neurotic but lovable Nina Proudman on Offspring. She has underscored her depth as a performer by imbuing Nina with just the right blend of humour, emotional complexity and unpredictability.

Keddie is shy by nature, but says: "I think for Offspring (the Gold Logie) is a fantastic nod of encouragement, particularly now we are in our fourth series. For me, working on that show is very fulfilling, so to receive such ongoing appreciation is just great.''

Keddie has found fulfilment off-screen too, with Archibald-winning artist Vincent Fantauzzo.

"As if life couldn't get any sweeter thanks to the two guys in my life, Vincent and Luca (Fantauzzo's son) . . . oh how lucky in love I am,'' Keddie said.

Off stage, Keddie added: "I think the reason I thanked Luca and Vincent is because I’m incredibly happy in life and I really didn’t think it could get much sweeter, I was very happy with where I was at professionally and it just makes all the world of difference when you have a wonderful family around you, the people you are meant to be with.

“I don’t know if its’ better (to win public or peer-voted awards) but you know I've thought quite a bit about this recently because when I was in my 20s it seemed like the be all and the end all to win the most outstanding awards.

"I didn’t quite understand or appreciate the importance of your audience until I did win most popular actress a few years ago (for the first time). And I think Offspring has given me that opportunity to really appreciate the audience and want to entertain them and make it the best drama I can.

"It's become less of a self-absorbed indulgence performance for me and more about a collaboration with not only the other creatives but with an audience as well.

Deborah Mailman proved an overwhelmingly popular choice for the most outstanding actress Logie award.

Mailman was joined on stage at the Logies by the woman she played, Benita Mabo, in acclaimed telemovie Mabo.

It was a double celebration, given it was also Benita’s birthday.

“It was a gorgeous moment,” Mailman said “To be honest, it was a blur. I just heard my name and I had Benita next to me, and then we grabbed each other and I didn’t want to fall away from that embrace.

Nine News gives a peek at the red carpet of the 2013 Logie Awards.

"I just wanted to hold her, it was beautiful the fact she was there and could come up on stage with me.”

Benita said: "I tell you what, they got the story going and Deb Jimi (Bani) played the part very  well. I’m so proud of Jimi and Deb and they did the family well."

Replay Holly Byrnes's live blog on the 55th annual Logie Awards

Anthony Hayes, one of Australia’s most respected character actors, has won the most outstanding actor Logie for his work in ABC drama Devil’s Dust.

Hayes, however, didn’t rate himself a chance of getting the nod ahead of actors including Guy Pearce (Jack Irish), Lachy Hulme (Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War), Jimi Bani (Mabo) and Aaron Jeffery, who delivered a career-defining performance in Underbelly: Badness.

"I thought the Kerry Packer juggernaut was probably going to unpin me tonight,” Hayes said.

Hayes has been acting since he was nine, but Devil’s Dust, in which he played "everyday hero'' Bernie Banton, was his first lead role.

Banton was the anti-asbestos campaigner who took on his former employer James Hardie and won, but lost his life to the disease.

"Yeah, I’ve been kicking around for a while, a lot of supporting roles, a lot of AFI nominations.

"It’s taken a long time to convince someone that I could carry something that’s longer than three or four scenes in a film, so I’m very  gracious that (producers) pegged me for this role very early on in the piece.

"Having said that," Hayes added with a laugh, "there are probably only about five or six rotund actors that were probably in with a chance, so that probably narrowed it down a bit. Don Hany didn’t have a shot at my role."

Meanwhile, funnyman Hamish Blake edged out best mate Andy Lee to win the Logie award for most popular presenter.

"This is incredible, this is highly unexpected,” Blake said.

"Yeah, got the silver, got the gold (2012), looking for the bronze. I’ll try and make them breed and have a lovely happy modern mixed race family."

Indigenous drama Redfern Now won the prestigious Logie for most outstanding drama series and Shari Sebbens claimed the Graham Kennedy Award for most outstanding new talent, handed out by an emotional Molly Meldrum, who used the opportunity to thank those who helped him recover from his horrific fall in December 2011.

Unfortunately, the music guru also used the opportunity to drop the F bomb during the broadcast.

Attempting to mimic Graham Kennedy’s infamous crow call, Meldrum instead just used the actual word, before correcting himself and calling out 'Faaaark’ instead.

Redfern Now edged out brilliant competition in Offspring, Puberty Blues, Rake and Tangle to win the outstanding drama series award.

Shari Sebbens

Redfern Now actress Shari Sebbens has won the Graham Kennedy Award for most outstanding new talent at the 2013 Logie Awards.

"This is the first thing I’ve ever received with my name on it,” Sebbens, who doesn’t have a driver’s licence, said.

“And all my family are athletes so they’ve all got man of the match and things like that. I’ll give this to mum probably. "

Darren Dale, producer of Redfern Now, said of the series: "I think it’s a great and proud moment for indigenous filmmakers and indigenous film, it’s black actors on screen, it was written by five writers, directed by four indigenous people so I think it’s a watershed moment in prime-time drama.

"(It was) indigenous stuff and people watched it and we won a Logie so (I feel) bloody great."

Earlier, newsreading legend Brian Henderson was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Henderson, who follows the likes of Bert Newton and Reg Grundy as an inductee, said: "I was a bit overwhelmed in the beginning getting into the Hall of Fame let alone that ovation (from the Logies audience).

"I was staggered by it, staggered. I thought there’s a lot of young people out there, they’re not going to know me. They maybe followed the others and thought 'I’ll stand because the others are'. No, it was a great feeling. "

Henderson told of his affection for the late Nine supremo Kerry Packer.

“I was very fond of him, he was a very funny man,” Henderson said of Packer.

Joel Madden

In a controversial win, Joel Madden has scooped the Logie for best new talent. Picture: Jason Edwards

Channel 9’s Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War, took out the Logie for most outstanding mini-series or telemovie.

It’s a major achievement to win the award, given the peer-voted categories are rarely won by commercial networks.

"It’s lovely to win, it’s much better than coming second,” executive producer John Edwards said.

"We knew we’d made a show that was good and that people watched and enjoyed a lot. But you don’t think about this sort of stuff, but it’s great when you do (win).”

The Voice trumped opposition talent show The X Factor to claim the Logie for most popular light entertainment show.

Joel Madden, who also took the award for most popular new male talent, thanked the show’s fans on behalf of judges Delta Goodrem, Seal, Keith Urban and newcomer Ricky Martin.

"Most important are the people who watch and support those who perform on the show," Madden said.

Packed to the Rafters, which has had a stranglehold on the most popular categories for the past four years, was rolled  by House Husbands for the most popular drama award.

2013 Logie Awards Red Carpet Arrivals

Deborah Mailman, one of the stars of the Logie-winning drama series Redfern Now, hits the red carpet. Picture: Jason Edwards

House Husbands overcame strong competition from Rafters, Offspring, Puberty Blues and Home and Away.

Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden was a controversial winner of the most popular new talent Logie award for his role as a mentor on ratings juggernaut

The Voice


While the award is designed to be won for those new to television, regardless of age, many felt Madden fitted awkwardly into the list of nominees. He has 750,000 Twitter followers, no doubt an advantage in accruing Logies votes.

2013 Logie Awards Red Carpet Arrivals

Steve Peacocke, with partner Bridgette Sneddon arrives at the ceremony. The Home and Away star has won the Logie for most popular actor. Picture: Jason Edwards

Madden edged out contenders including Alex Williams, a standout as Julian Assange in Underground: The Julian Assange Story.

Before the award presentation, Gold Logie nominee Hamish Blake had a tongue-in-cheek dig at Madden.

"Welcome to the entertainment industry you must be nervous,” Hamish said to Madden.

Madden said he was shocked by his win.

“I almost swallowed my toothpick,” he said.

2013 Logie Awards Red Carpet Arrivals

Gold Logie nominee Carrie Bickmore arrives at the awards show. Picture: Jason Edwards

“This is the first time I’ve been called the best new anything. I didn’t really prepare a speech.

"I just want to thank Australia for being so good to me. Australia, thanks for being so cool to me and my family.

"I’ll always understand when people debate things (controversy about his nomination) because it’s been happening to me my entire career."

Home and Away proved the power of its appeal when Steve Peacocke won the most popular actor Logie ahead of a strong field of contenders including Lachy Hulme and Packed to the Rafters star Hugh Sheridan.

Asked how he was feeling about having a Logie in his hand, Peacocke said: "I’m pretty nervous still."

2013 Logie Awards Red Carpet Arrivals

Red-carpet favourite Brynne Edelsten struts her stuff. Picture: Edwards Jason

The labourer turned actor added: "I was a labourer after university when I was trying to make ends meet, but since I was 16 I’ve wanted to be an actor.

"I was on a football scholarship at school so I couldn’t do any acting there. I got to university and started and that’s all I did all day and night was read texts from David Mamet and Stanislavsky.

I was a jackaroo for a year and I used to sit behind the mobs of sheep doing the sons of Scotland speech (from the film Braveheart).

"I probably did about 20 or 30 plays in Sydney - crappy little co-op things in Newtown so that’s how I learned.

"That’s all I ever wanted to do and I was just lucky Channel 7 took a chance on me two-and-a-half years ago.<

2013 Logie Awards Red Carpet Arrivals

Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster arrive on the red carpet. Picture: Jason Edwards

Better Homes and Gardens claimed the Logie award for most popular lifestyle series.

It came up trumps against opposition including Getaway, Grand Designs Australia, The Living Room and Selling Houses Australia.

“We do not take this for granted,” host Jo Griggs said of the success.

The show kicked off with Bruno Mars’s lively performance of his Police soundalike hit Locked Out of Heaven.

He was followed by first presenters Hamish and Andy, who turned around in Voice-style chairs, which they then drove around the stage.

2013 Logie Awards Red Carpet Arrivals

The Biggest Loser's Michelle Bridges on the Logies red carpet. Picture: Jason Edwards

The comic duo were there to present  the first award, the popular reality series gong, which was won by Nine's The Block.

It’s no small achievement for the show hosted by Scott Cam, which has just completed its first all-stars series.

The Block overcame strong competition in My Kitchen Rules, MasterChef, the resurgent Big Brother and Beauty and the Geek to win the award.

Cam said: "I attribute the win to a tremendous bunch of workers as in cameramen, sound, producers and of course our executive producers. That’s why we end up as a great show.

"Everyone works seven days a week, they want to put our some great telly and they’re committed to it, and these guys here (the contestants) who work extremely hard to produce those houses, that’s why we’ve got a good show."

2013 Logie Awards Red Carpet Arrivals

Gold Logie nominee Andy Lee will be competing against sidekick Hamish Blake for the coveted award. Picture: Jason Edwards

Cam also paid tribute to MKR ("a juggernaut with big numbers every night") and Masterchef and then said:

"I suppose we produce telly that the whole family can watch, mum and dad and the three kids can sit down at 7 o'clock and enjoy ."

Asked if he'd have a beer with MKR’s Manu Feildel and Masterchef’s  Matt Preston afterwards, he added: "Absolutely, they’re all good fellas. Pete Evans I know well and I know all those guys and certainly we’ll have a beer and I’ll congratulate them on their show, they’ve got a terrific show and they deserved to win as much as we did but unfortunately on the night we took home the prize."

Earlier, celebrities hit the red carpet, with all eyes on the all-important dresses.

Old-style Hollywood glamour reigned supreme as Australia's television talent got into party mode.

2013 Logie Awards Red Carpet Arrivals

Former Miss Universe Jesinta Campbell. Picture: Jason Edwards

Stars overwhelmingly donned sophisticated frocks with spangled embellishment, opulent beading and delicate lace in hues of midnight blue, red, gold and emerald green.

White is the most enduring shade of the night with Shelley Craft, Zoe Foster-Blake, Rebecca Madden and Leah Denise among those favoring the crisp classic.

Standouts include Lauren Phillips in a leather embellished dress by Arthur Galan, Carrie Bickmore in a watermelon hued gown by Steven Khalil, Claudia Karvan in a monochrome Toni Maticevski creation and red carpet favorite Asher Keddie in Dion Lee. 

Rival weather girls Giaan Rooney and Rebecca Judd took the competition to the carpet in two of the most talked about gowns of the night.

2013 Logie Awards Red Carpet Arrivals

Channel Nine television host Lauren Phillips. Picture: Jason Edwards

Rooney revamped her image in a space odyssey inspired gown by Helen Manuell while Judd secured herself the only J'aton creation of the night.

Fashion faux pas were few an far between with the Old Hollywood glamour trend meaning less flashes of flesh.

Brynne Edelsten arrived on the Logies red carpet with bruises and a new look.

"My body is different and I thought why not try something a bit more refined," Edelsten said.

Her floor-length white tassel dress by Natasha Fagg was certainly a different look to her normal ruby rug frock shocks.

Brynne said she is loving Celebrity Splash, except for the bruises.

"They say I'm a natural,'' Edelsten exclaimed of the reality show.

"But the water really hurts.''

In a serious faux pas, Channel Nine's The Morning Show tweeted Myer pin-up Kris Smith was strutting the carpet with girlfriend Maddy King

"Kris and Maddy looking very gorgeous indeed #Logies13,'' Mornings posted.

The woman photographed was actually Lauren Phillips.

Earlier this year Phillips was forced to deny a romance with her Myer stablemate after rumours spread like wildfire they were getting close while he was still seeing former flame Dannii Minogue. 

Meanwhile, Gold Logie nominee Adam Hills brought his mother Judy as his date to the Logies.

His wife, opera soprano Ali McGregor, was performing in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Hills arrived back home to Australia from the UK on Tuesday.

"When my wife couldn't come, mum stepped in, she loves this kind of stuff so she is the perfect date," Hills said.

The cast of Offspring didn't have a big night last night - they had a 6.30am call for filming today.

Kat Stewart, dressed in Hugo Boss, said there is one more week of filming on season four of the Melbourne made drama.

"The show has taken more twists and turns, it's fantastic, " Stewart said.

This year many of Australia's top designers were too busy preparing for Sydney's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, which starts tomorrow, to give the stars the kind of custom-made attention they're accustomed to.

Some starlets may even have bought off the rack, as if they were some kind of mere mortals.

Even those red carpet perennials, J'Aton (Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino) were unavailable to create gowns because they were overseas for a wedding.

Full list of winners


Asher Keddie (Offspring, Network Ten)


Steve Peacocke (Home And Away, Channel Seven)


Asher Keddie (Offspring, Network Ten)


Hamish Blake (Hamish & Andy's Euro Gap Year/Hamish & Andy's Caravan Of Courage: Australia Vs New Zealand, Nine Network)


Joel Madden (The Voice, Nine Network)


Brenna Harding (Puberty Blues, Network Ten)


House Husbands, Nine Network


Howzat! Kerry Packer's War, Nine Network


Anthony Hayes (Devil's Dust, ABC1)


Deborah Mailman (Mabo, ABC1)


Shari Sebbens (Redfern Now, ABC1)


Redfern Now, ABC1


Howzat! Kerry Packer's War, Nine Network


The Voice, Nine Network


Better Homes And Gardens, Channel Seven


The Footy Show (NRL), Nine Network


The Block, Nine Network


Bondi Rescue, Network Ten


"Breaking Ranks'', Lateline, ABC1


"Captain Emad: Smugglers' Paradise  Australia'', Four Corners, ABC1


The X Factor, Channel Seven


London 2012 Olympic Games, FOXTEL


Dance Academy, ABC3


Go Back To Where You Came From, SBS ONE


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Bomb kills five at railway station

POLICE said a bomb has exploded in a railway station in southwestern Pakistan, killing at least five people.

Police officer Qasim Salachi said at least 20 others were wounded in the bombing overnight at the station in Baluchistan province's Sibbi city.

Mr Salachi said the bomb went off just minutes after a train pulled into the station, as passengers were buying food and drinks.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Baluchistan has experienced decades of violence at the hands of separatists who demand a greater share of the province's natural resources. It is also believed to be a base for many Afghan Taliban militants.

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US man drinks liquid, dies in court after guilty verdict

AN Arizona man convicted today of deliberately burning down his $US3.5 million mansion in 2009 collapsed and died in the courtroom after the verdict was read.

A Phoenix jury found 53-year-old Scottsdale man Michael Marin guilty of arson of an occupied structure.

Shortly after he heard the verdict, video showed Marin taking a drink from a bottle of an unknown liquid. He then made a choking or throat-clearing noise, wheeled his chair around, and collapsed on the floor.

Paramedics attended to him, but could not save his life.

Marin was not in custody during the trial and it is possible he deliberately harmed himself.

Marin's mansion burned down in July 2009.

He told authorities he escaped the blaze by climbing down a rope ladder while wearing a scuba tank and diving mask to protect himself from the smoke. Prosecutors claimed Marin set fire to his house because he could no longer pay the mortgage.

Read more about the court case at

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Dengue outbreak in Townsville: official

TOWNSVILLE residents are being told to kill mosquitoes around their homes after a local outbreak of the dengue virus.

Public health physician Dr Steven Donohue warns a resident has contracted the potentially fatal virus after being bitten by a mosquito in the north Queensland city.

Dr Donohue says this means local mosquitoes are carrying the virus.

"We dont know the extent at this stage," he said in a statement.

"Now is the time for people to take measures to kill these mosquitoes."

Dr Donohue said common dengue mosquito breeding sites include tyres, buckets, toys and pot plant bases.

He urged residents to tip out, flush out, throw away or dry store any containers holding water in which mosquitoes can breed.

"Use indoor surface spray, mozzie zappers and coils around the house to kill mosquitoes," Dr Donohue said.

He said anyone with symptoms including sudden fever, severe headaches, aches and pains should be tested.

There is no specific medical treatment or vaccine, and serious complications can include dengue haemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome.

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